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Il Prof. Fabio Pellacini, del "Department of Computer Science, Dartmouth College Hanover, New Hampshire (USA)", terrą il seguente seminario in Sala Riunioni (III Piano):

Martedi' 3/03/2007, ore 12.15
Interactive Cinematic Lighting: Algorithms and Architectures
Lighting is a fundamental aspect of synthetic imagery.
In a cinematic setting, it defines appearance, gives mood and enhances storytelling. At the same time, lighting computation dominates the cost of rendering three dimensional environments. Making this process interactive remains a challenge given the complexity of cinematic environments and the requirements for high fidelity.
In this talk, I will present our recent results in cinematic lighting that achieve interactivity by developing new approximation algorithms that can take full advantage of today's commodity hardware architectures. I will also discuss how current architecture trends require the definition of new formulations for lighting computations to scale on future generations of commodity platforms.
Finally, I will briefly present results from user interfaces that take advantage of the newly developed interactivity to drastically reduce lighting-and-material content creation time, one of the current roadblocks for a ubiquitous use of synthetic imagery.

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Gianfranco Rossi
Parma, 15 febbraio 2007

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