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Il prof. Lars BENDIX, del "Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden", http://www.cs.lth.se/home/Lars_Bendix terrÓ i seguenti seminari:

Mercoledý 25/5/2005, ore 10.30 Aula D
Introduction to Software Configuration Management
Abstract: This lecture introduces the activity of software configuration management - one of the most important aspects of successful software development according to many. Software changes constantly from the very instant it is born until it eventually dies. We have to cope with these changes in a disciplined and safe manner to ensure the quality of our products. Furthermore, software becomes ever bigger involving large teams of programmers who have to co-operate and be co-ordinated to ensure low costs, short development times and high quality.
La durata del seminario e' di ca. 2 ore (2 x 45 min. + pausa). Il seminario sara' tenuto in lingua italiana.

Giovedý 26/5/2005, ore 11.30 Sala riunioni III piano
From eXtreme Programming to being eXtreme in genera
Abstract: In this interactive seminar we will present the values and principles behind eXtreme Programming (XP). We will then discuss if and how that can be applied to other areas of interest. It sounds extreme to talk about getting higher quality at lower costs - and yet that is exactly what happens in eXtreme Programming. What can be done for producing software products, we believe might be possible to carry over to teaching and get better teaching products (student learning) at lower costs. Another interesting application of XP values and principles is to research.
ca. 1 ora.

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Gianfranco Rossi
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