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I Quaderni pubblicati presso il Dipartimento di Matematica nell'anno 2004


 Quaderno n. 343


Claudio Meneghini
"Alguns fenomens de continuació analķtica en una variable complexa"

Quaderno n. 344

R. Bagnara, A. Zaccagnini
"Checking and Bounding the solutions of some recurrence relations"

Quaderno n. 345

Alessandra Lunardi
"Nonlinear parabolic equations and systems"

Quanderno n. 346

F. Morandin
"A new branching process representation for nonlinear differential equations"

Quaderno n. 347

F. Morandin
"A resummed branching process representation for a class of nonlinear ODE's"

Quaderno n. 348

Jan Kristensen, Giuseppe Mingione
"The singular set of w-minima"

Quaderno n. 349

R. Bagnara, P. M. Hill, E. Zaffanella
"Widening operators for powerset domains"

Quaderno n. 350

P. Celada, G. Cupini, M. Guidorzi
"On the existence of minima for nonconvex variatinal problems"

Quaderno n. 351

Steven J. Cox, Alfred Wagner
"Lateral Overdetermination of the FitzHugh-Nagumo Systems"

Quaderno n. 352

Claudio Meneghini
"A vortex-like free boundary problem: a complete existence-and-uniqueness theorem"

Quaderno n. 353

Achille Maffini, Angela Rizza, Carlo Marchini
"Funzioni, continuitą, limiti: un esempio di attivitą di formazione per insegnanti"

Quaderno n. 354

Giordano Gallina
"Alcune osservazioni concernenti anelli di serie formali"

Quaderno n. 355

M. Groppi, G. Spiga
"A BGK-type approach for chemically reacting gas mixtures"

Quaderno n. 356

G. Guatteri, A. Lunardi
"Smoothing of quasilinear parabolic operators and applications to forward-backward stochastic systems"

Quaderno n. 357

L. Lorenzi
"Estimates of the derivatives for a class of parabolic degenerate operators with unbounded coefficients in Rn "

Quaderno n. 358

L. Lorenzi
"Schauder estimates for degenerate elliptic and parabolic problems with unbounded coefficients in Rn "

Quaderno n. 359

Gabriele Ricci
"A semantic construction of two-ary integers"

Quaderno n. 360

Mariano Giaquinta and Domenico Mucci
"Density results for the W 1/2 energy of maps into a manifold"

Quaderno n. 361

Lunardi, G. Metafune, D. Pallara
"Dirichlet boundary conditions for elliptic operators with unbounded drift"

Quaderno n. 362

Diego Matessi
"Isometric embedding of families of special Lagrangian submanifolds

Quaderno n. 363

R. Bagnara, Roberta Gori, Patricia M. Hill, Enea Zaffanella
"Finite-Tree Analysis for Constraint Logic-Based Languages: The Complete Unabridged Version”

Quaderno n. 364

S. Pasquero
"Constraints in Impulsive Mechanics  and the Gauss-Robin’s Minimum Principle”

Quaderno n. 365

Marco Fantozzi
"Large deviation for stochastic convolution on infinite time”

Quaderno n. 366

Emilio Musso & Lorenzo Nicolodi
"Deformation and applicability of surfaces in Lie sphere geometry

Quaderno n. 367

G. Buffoni, M.P. Cassinari, M. Groppi, M. Serluca
"Modelling of predator-prey trophic  interactions. Part. I: Two trophic levels”

Quaderno n. 368

Marchini, C.  Marchini, A.
"Application of fuzzy logic to ecological modelling: an example from the Venice lagoon”

Quaderno n. 369

V. Mangione
"Some results on submanifolds of a cosymplectic space form”

Quaderno n. 370

Emilio Acerbi, Giuseppe Mingione
"Gradient estimates for the p(x)-Laplacean system”

Quaderno n. 371

Mariano Giaquinta and Domenico Mucci
"On sequences of maps into a manifold with equibounded W ½-energies”

Quaderno n. 372

Jan Kristensen, Giuseppe Mingione

“Non-differentiable functional and singular sets of minima”


Quaderno n. 373


Frank Duzaar, Giuseppe Mingione

“Second order parabolic systems, optimal regularity, and singular sets of solutions”


Quaderno n. 374


Stefano Pasquero

“On the Concepts of Frame of Reference and Connection in Space-Time Bundles of Classical Mechanics”


Quaderno n. 375


Stefano Pasquero

“On  Carnot’s Theorem in Time Dependent Impulsive Mechanics”


Quaderno n. 376


R. Buckdahn, M. Quincampoix, G. Tessitore

“A Characterization of Approximately-Controllable Linear Stochastic Differential Equations”


Quaderno n. 377


A. Iacomella, A. Letizia, C. Marchini

“Il comunicare in Matematica.  Formalizzazione: come, quando, perché nella pratica didattica”


Quaderno n. 378


M. Bertoldi, S. Fornaro, L. Lorenzi

“Gradient estimates for parabolic problems with unbounded coefficients in non convex unbounded domains”



Quaderno n. 379


G. Da Prato, A. Lunardi

“On a class of self-adjoint elliptic operators in L² spaces with respect to invariant measures”



Quaderno n. 380


M. Furhman, G. Tessitore

“Backward stochastic differential equations in finite and infinite dimensions. Applications to optimal control and hedging”


Quaderno n. 381

Marino Belloni, Petri Juutinen, Bernd Kawohl

“The ρ-Laplace eigenvalue problem and viscosity solutions as ρ → ∞ in a Finsler metric”


Quaderno n. 382

A. Debussche, M. Fuhrman, G. Tessitore

“Optimal control of a stochastic heat equation with boundary-noise and boundary-control”



Quaderno n. 383


E. Bisi, M. Iori, G. Spiga

“On the use of the Fourier transform in dilute granular flows”



Quaderno n. 384


Elio Panegai, Elisabetta Poleo, Gianfranco Rossi

JsetL User manual”



Quaderno n. 385


Emilio Musso & Lorenzo Nicolodi

“Tableaux over Lie algebras, integrable systems, and classical surface theory”



Quaderno n. 386


M. Bisi, G. Toscani

“Self-similar solutions of a nonlinear friction equation in higher dimensions”



Quaderno n. 387


F. Masiero

Semilinear Kolmogorov equations and applications to stochastic optimal control”



Quaderno n. 388


Mariano Giaquinta and Domenico Mucci

“The relaxed Dirichlet energy of mappings into a manifold”



Quaderno n. 389


Fulvia Confortola

“Dissipative backward stochastic differential equations in infinite dimensiones



Quaderno n. 390


Elio Panegai and Gianfranco Rossi (Eds.)

“Proceedings of CILC’ 04 Italian Conference on Computational Logic”



Quaderno n. 391


G. Tessitore, J. Zabczyk

“Wong-Zakai approximations of stochastic evolution equations”




Quaderno n. 392


Emilio Acerbi, Irene Fonseca

“Existence and regularity for mixtures of micromagnetic materials”



Quaderno n. 393


Jan Kristensen, Giuseppe Mingione

“The singular set of minima of integral functionsals



Quaderno n. 394


Costantino Medori

Algebras of infinitesimal CR automorphism



Quaderno n. 395


Laura Bertani

“On Steiner Groups and Steiner Systems”








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