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I Quaderni pubblicati presso il Dipartimento di Matematica nell'anno 2002


 Quaderno n. 274

A. Lunardi
"On generators of noncommuting semigroups : sums, interpolation, regularity"

Quaderno n. 275


A. Aimi and F. Lunardini
"Coupling panel clustering with inner analytical integrations in Galerkin BEM"

Quaderno n. 276

Emilio Acerbi, Giuseppe Mingione
"Regularity results for electrorheological fluids : the stationary case"

Quaderno n. 277

Giuseppe Mingione
"The singular set of solutions to non differentiable elliptic systems"

Quaderno n. 278

Michela Eleuteri
"Holder continuity results for a class of functional with non standard growth"

Quaderno n. 279

M. Groppi, M. Pennacchio
"An IMEX finite volume scheme for a class of reactive Euler-type equations"

Quaderno n. 280

Vittorio Mangione
"A theorem on submersion of cr-hypersurfaces of Khaler-Einstein manifolds"

Quaderno n. 281

Marco Fuhrman, Gianmario Tessitore
"An introduction to backward stochastic differential equations and similinear partial differential equations in finite and infinite dimensions"

Quaderno n. 282

Ovidiu Calin and Vittorio Mangione
"Some results on Heisenberg manifolds"

Quaderno n. 283

Roberto Bagnara, Manuel Carro
"Foreign Language Interfaces for Prolog : A Terse Survey"

Quaderno n. 284

Claudio Arezzo, Gabriele La Nave
"Minimal two spheres and Kähler-Einstein metrics on Fano manifolds"

Quaderno n. 285

Claudio Arezzo & Gang Tian
"Infinite geodesic rays in the space of Kähler potentials"

Quaderno n. 286

R. Bagnara, E. Ricci, E. Zaffanella, P.M. Hill
"Possibly Not Closed Convex Polyhedra and the Parma Polyhedra Library"

Quaderno n. 287

Stefano Pasquero
"Un nuovo Ambiente Geometrico per lo Studio della Meccanica Impulsiva"

Quaderno n. 288

Giordano Gallina
"Alcune proprietà di anelli e quasi-anelli di serie formali"

Quaderno n. 289

Paolo Caressa and Adriano Tomassini
"Complex Foliated Tori and their Moduli Spaces"

Quaderno n. 290

Vittorio Mangione e Ovidiu Calin
"Invariant formulas for the Euler-Lagrange equation associated to sub-Riemannian geodesics"

Quaderno n. 291

Luca Lorenzi
"Bifurcation of codimension two in a combustion model"

Quaderno n. 292

Stefano Panizzi
"Spectral gap solutions of the dissipative Kirchhoff equations"

Quaderno n. 293

Alessandra Coscia
"Partial regularity of higher order derivatives for variational integrals with non-standard growth"

Quaderno n. 294

Luca Esposito, Giuseppe Mingione, Cristina Trombetti
"Remarks on Lipschitz Regularity for Certain Elliptic Problems"

Quaderno n. 295

Laura Bertani
"Coloured Hypergraph and their Automorphism Groups"

Quaderno n. 296

Emilio Acerbi, Giuseppe Mingione, Gregory A. Seregnin
"Regularity results for parabolic systems related to a class of non newtonian fluids"

Quaderno n. 297

Carla Luppi
"On the Halldén property and disjunction property of Heyting-Brouwer intermediate propositional logics"

Quaderno n. 298

Marino Belloni  & Dirk Horstmann
"Cones based on convex sets"

Quaderno n. 299

Marino Belloni  & Bernd Kawohl
"The pseudo-p-Laplace eigenvalue problem and viscosity solutions as p ..."

Quaderno n. 300

Frank Duzaar, Giuseppe Mingione
"The p-Harmonic approximation and the regularity of p-harmonic maps"

Quaderno n. n. 301

Vittorio Mangione
"A theorem on submersions of QR-hpersurfaces of quaternionic Kaekler manifold"

Quaderno n. 302

Domenico Mucci
"Remarks on the total variation of the Jacobian"

Quaderno n. 303

J. Hulshof, L. Lorenzi
"Stability in a two-dimensional combustion model"

Quaderno n. 304

Giuseppe Mingione, Domenico Mucci
"Integral functionals and the gap problem : sharp bounds for relaxation and energy concentration"

Quaderno n. 305

R. Bagnara, P.M. Hill, E. Zaffanella
"A new encoding and inplementation of not necessarily closed convex polyhedra"

Quaderno n. 306

G. Da Prato, A. Lunardi
"Elliptic operators with unbounded drift coefficients and Neumann boundary condition"

Quaderno n. 307

Giuseppe Mingione
"Bounds for the singular set of solutions to non linear elleptic systems"


Quaderno n. 308

 Mariano Giaquinta, Domenico Mucci
"Weak and strong density results for the Dirichlet energy"

Quaderno n. 309

Agostino Dovier, Carla Piazza, Gianfranco Rossi
"Set-Based constraints"

Quaderno n. 310

Agostino Dovier, Enrico Pontelli, Gianfranco Rossi
"Set unification"








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